Author: Haris Zulfiqar

  • Gutenberg’s Identity Crisis

    What is Gutenberg? I feel like there’s an identity crisis and I want to share my understanding of Gutenberg’s goals and hopefully, this will help clear some misunderstandings. I understand that we, developers, understand the objective behind Gutenberg but from my interaction with some people I have noticed that there is still some confusion… While…

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  • Gutenberg Theme Styles Integration and almost WYSIWYG

    I am betting on Gutenberg. WordPress desperately needed a modern editing experience to evolve from the blogging platform it was, to the CMS that it is now. Competing with website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify that keeps chugging away at WordPress’s market share called for an obvious solution, an editor that made building websites…

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  • Why I’m betting on Gutenberg

    My recent participation in WordCamp Lahore involved sharing my thoughts on the new opportunities for WordPress businesses and builders. This was an interactive session that involved questions on why all of us (the panelists) are betting for the success of the Gutenberg project and is it better than existing page builders? I always had an…

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