I’m Haris. I’m a self-employed developer. People know me mainly because of my successful WordPress theme called:


Avada is the most sold WordPress theme on the largest WordPress themes market called ThemeForest.

When Avada was launched, it was not an immense hit on the first day. Every week, we gained a few spots on the top selling themes page and eventually climbed to #1 spot. Since then, we have been #1 selling theme on the marketplace.

This was not planned. We didn’t have any idea that Avada will be this successful. We were expecting to be decently successful like my previous themes. Before Avada, me and my partner at ThemeFusion Luke, created 2 other themes which were retired to focus on Avada. They were decently successful. Personally, Avada was my 6th theme (all other themes were retired for Avada).

Avada in its original form was simple. The focus was to build a simplistic business theme with a few unique element but now Avada is one of the most powerful theme powered by multiple in-house and external plugins, demo’s and more than just few elements. From a business theme to a multi-purpose theme has been a journey and an incredible one. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it grow.

I’m super proud of the work that I did when I was there. I no longer work with the team at Avada since I decided to take a break about ~2.5 years ago. Since then, Avada has only improved. Kudos to the team. Super proud of them!

What’s up now?

After my exit from ThemeFusion (the Avada company), I used my time to experiment and launch a new SaaS business. It didn’t work out but it helped me grow as a person.  It was a breath of fresh air to work on modern tech stack, concepts, and the way of managing a project.

I also got married to my beautiful wife last year. We have been happily married for about 8 months.

Currently, I’m available for freelance projects.

    1. Hello Lawrence,

      I did tell! I wanted to work on a SaaS business. 🙂 It was something that gathered more of my interest at that time and I wanted to pursue it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

      Haha, yes. I lost a lot of fat. It can definitely be another story. 🙂

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